Gold Diggers Slots

Perhaps the most exciting slot game I have played in the golden casino free slot category is Gold Diggers Slots. This 3D slot is hysterical, and offers a wide range of bonus features that are inactive and lucrative as well. With its 30-paylines and minimal coin denominations, I played it for 10 minutes and successfully triggered the bonus round. It has the best animations, sounds (especially the banjo music in the background) that will have your feet tapping to the music, and graphics I’ve seen, and gets you in a really happy mood once you begin to play. I do recommend you read the View Pays as it will explain the many bonus features offered in this game, but none is more fun to play than the bonus round.

There’s Gold in Them Thar Hills

The characters in Gold Diggers Slots are wonderfully animated to provide the maximum enjoyment. They talk to you and ask you to participate in bonus games in which you can attain huge payouts. I did in the bonus game – and won more than 2800 coins. Of course, it always helps to bet the max, but if you can’t you can still win lucrative sums. With three bonus features available, you will no doubt Laugh Out Loud when these features pop up. Needless to say, Gold Diggers Slots is the quintessential golden casino free slot game that will not only tickle your fancy, but reward you in kind.